Our Services

Aqua Care Lake Management offers a variety of lakefront and aquatic related services throughout Florida. Read below to see a few of the services our company specializes in.

Lakefront Clearing

The process of cleaning the land that is front of or near the front of the lake.

Monthly Maintenance

Keep your lakefront maintained after an initial cleaning or service.

Aquatic Herbicide

Aquatic herbicides are a class of herbicides used to manage various aquatic weeds, either by killing them or severely interrupting their normal growth processes.

Manual Removal

Eliminate the overgrowth of unwanted plants with our aquatic weed harvesting. We provide pond and lake weed removal to rid your water of dead vegetation.

Beach Restoration

The placement of sand on an eroded beach for the purposes of restoration.


Complete dock construction and repair, along with cleaning and maintenance services.

Dock Demo

We offer complete demolition and dock removal services. Along with the proper disposal of materials.


The cleaning and maintenance of seawalls. For more information on this service please contact us.

Boat Lifts

The cleaning, maintenance, or repair of boat lifts.

Other Services

For any additional services we offer please give us a call at:

Recent Projects

Aqua Care Lake Management, LLC. has completed various projects throughout Florida. Look below to see some of our completed projects.

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